IPES in Association with Ibus specializes in integrating leading-edge technological innovations to solve the coverage and capacity challenges of the worlds operators today. Our reputation as a technical integrator, providing high quality and efficient “End-to-End” private network solution for enterprise users, like Multi-storeyed Apartments, hospitals, shopping mall, VIP lounge etc. IPES is leading the market in the integration of All-IP based wireless infrastructure technologies with an end-to-end product portfolio for Heterogeneous Network Solutions.   With the vision of 4G LTE, IPES provides “End-to-End” private network solution for enterprise users the standard features expected in a DAS solution, including neutral hosting, multi-band support, including high, low and nano-power applications. IPES also provides a rich feature set to be expected with a leading-edge digital DAS platform. Features include flexible GUI configuration, digital passband filtering, daisy-chained or star configured remotes, remotely configurable capacity and coverage, remotable hub sites, and GigE transport. All of these features and capabilities, including more, are available as the standard solution but within the budget constraints of todays DAS marketplace.

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